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In-Tents is a turn-key tent structure and event rental company committed to providing the highest quality services with the most innovative product lines. Specializing in large scale events, our product lines and knowledgeable staff can provide scalable solutions for any size event.

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World-Class Services

We strive to exceed our clients’ expectations by providing unparalleled services, including permits and engineering, event CAD and layout, events consultation, site inspection, contractor management and scheduling, and event solutions.

Permits & Engineering

In-Tents is highly experienced with pulling permits throughout Florida and the United States. Our expertise in the municipalities we work in the most, allows us to set expectations throughout the entire permit process, set timeline schedules with deadlines, and provide more accurate price projections. Any site specific or special engineering required for permitting can be provided at additional costs. These will be outlined as accurately as possible within our proposal.

Event CAD & Layout

In-Tents event CAD and layout designs help our clients get a more visual look and feel of how the tents will be set up and how the basic interior elements will be set within the tent space. These are also used for us to permit the event and obtain any further engineering or documentation needed for permit submissions.